EU warns Greece to stick to austerity plan

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Brussels has warned Athens it has no choice but to stick to the tough budget discipline set out in its recently negotiated bailout deal.

‘‘The programme countries have no alternative, except disorderly default, except that I think it is not an alternative, than to pursue courageous fiscal consolidation measures, structural reforms for competitiveness, and of course, mostly also benefiting from European solidarity, some targeted investment – but investment that can bring growth,” Barroso said.

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 Really? No wait Really?? the austerity plan can bring growth? thats such a ridicules claim for Barroso to be making.

Because i am not sure what on planet he has been living but there austerity plan is hurting the Greek people.

And there economy why does the European union want continue with there austerity plan knowing that its destroying the Greeks and the rest of Europe?

I just find it sad that Mainstream news outlets are going along and are agreeing with the austerity plan at least thats the way i am seeing it every time i read an article.

You know what i say? Screw the Euro and the Euro union and I hope euro will crash, Europe handled itself just fine in the past without a union and it can do it again.

And just what good has the dollar been? it has brought nothing but misery,wars and destruction ever since the creation of the dollar  and i hope it to fails right behind the euro crash.



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