Regardless of how you feel about Ron Paul and his candidacy, you have to admit that the MSM has been relentless in their attempt to hound this guy out of the race.

This is just the latest example, courtesy of CNN. Just listen to the interviewer. Not just the questions she poses, but her earnest tone of voice. I mean seriously! Are you hoping to be the one that gets Ron Paul to state on national TV, "You're right, I should be a good boy and just shut up and drop out. Thanks for making me realize just how silly I've been acting."?


Does anyone know of any youtube vids out there where an interviewer hounds Romney, Santorum, Gingrich et al to consider endorsing Ron Paul?

I Thought as much.


Way to lower the bar for journalistic integrity, CNN.
No wonder people are fleeing from the MSM in droves, looking to the internet and to eachother for news rather than the spoonfed, pre-packaged opinions on the idiot box.


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