e. Two new anti-piracy warnings will soon be added to select DVD and Blu-ray movies, the U.S. government announced late Tuesday. The additional warnings come courtesy of a coalition of copyright infringement fighters that includes the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center (IPR Center), U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) wing, the FBI, and six member studios of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).


 News Release From ICE

 So these new screens are going to last longer and are not going to have the ability to be skipped. I suppose I don't really see the point. People who pay for the DVD (the people who will be seeing these messages) have already, um, paid for the DVD.

 It seems like a rather pointless annoying endeavor by the government. It obviously hasn't worked before, so forcing us to sit through the damn 'ads' for even longer (I know, I know... First World problems) before watching a movie WE PURCHASED seems preposterous. I don't see this having any noticeable effect on piracy numbers. Yelling at the honest people and giving the pirates a good laugh... Great move.

Do you think it likely that throwing up more anti piracy graffiti in front of a movie you own will in any way deter you or others from pirating.

Does anyone else find it disturbing the government (who are supposed to represent and work for the common man) are essentially running around breaking kneecaps for a conglomerate of motion picture companies? I do.

You know this is quite disturbing just to know that your own Government is working agaisnt the common man yet they are now working for the picture companies and claiming that  digital theft harms the economy?

Really it does? since when has digital theft harmed the economy? yea i heard that one before like manga/comic scanlations hurt the manga sales, which in the sad reality they dont hurt the sales.

A report by rawstory had reported that Movie executives see record profits, salaries despite piracy fear-mongering.

In which the FBI new warnings reminds me of this old classic fear mongering propaganda.

Did I hear you right? Did I hear you saying that you're going to make a copy of a game without paying? Don't Copy That Floppy! Produced by SIIA (formerly SPA) in 1992.
 That video is a clear fear mongering propaganda by MPAA, back then during the 1990s the video gaming industry was just growing up but since then the video games back then were made just fine and turned to be just great and fun.

But what the video games of today? what i can say? they are all crap which is why i have stopped playing video games, i can predict which gaming titles will come out on the markets.

The video games right now on the markets are nothing but pure trash, unlike the video games from 12 years ago.

The rise of Manga scanlations.

It is same story for the manga/comic industry as much it as for the movies and animes.
Its because of the internet,  that the manga artists,movies, music artists are getting more and more and more fans and attention from around the world.
The reasoning for the manga scanlations, lets be honest and reasonable the reasoning for the  scanlations it is not because they are stealing it or doing it illegal.

It is because the manga industry original  translators take forever just to finish just one single translate into English.
And the other reasoning for the manga/comic scanlations well lets just say that buying manga in Europe is very rare and  some of the comic retails there have never heard the term manga before therefor the European children and young adults who are interest in it.

Have no other choice other then no option then to read it through the internet.
In my personally opinion i think the north American and Japanese merged manga industry should look for ways that allow mangas be sent into Europe for example  take a look on this thread and a discussion on mangas in Europe.

Best places to Buy Manga Online in Europe? Thread 

The elitist the north American and Japanese merged manga and anime  industries  have made zero if no efforts to have mangas and anime been sold at the stores in Europe so kids and young adults could enjoy reading and watching the series as well.

This is thus  why i believe that let it be either digital theft or scanlations hasn't really harmed  the economy.

If  the movie industry along with the manga/ anime industry are going to use this claim they have to yet  prove it but cant they? if the movie executives see record profits then unfortunately they cant use that claim.

That we the people are hurting the economy by just downloading or watching the movies for free because that claim is just pure nonsense to even suggest that digital theft hurts the economy is pure garbage.


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