Syrian Rebels Use Children as a Political Message

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A Syrian Child looks as if his frightened as the Rebels Using Children as Human Shields and Political Message and Toy photo taken in a recent issue of the telegraph article.

A few weeks ago this was staged and shot by the Syrian Rebels, in the video you will see how they are using children as Human Shields.

And in the video the children look very scared and very frightened
To the left there is a Rebel soldier  directing them by clapping there hands,
2:00 Sending a message.

0:13 Notice how then in the same scene everything in the footage seems to be business  as usual for the everyday Syrians?

0:16 While Ignroneing the Prefect White clean paper with the date and messge on it, look towards to the right where you will see two people walking along down the streets.
People are trying to live out there lives as business  as usual for the everyday Syrians.

The Syrian Rebels have been and are still using children as a Human Shields and Political Message and Toy as shown in the photo above.

From what i have seen the Major Western news outlets like CNN, telegraph currently do not have a problem with that at all.

You can tell in the video the kids in the footage i provided in the post dont look as if they were doing it on there own, and they dont.

And why? because little children do not understand what is going on nor do they understand what are politics, so how to do the rebels even dare to use little children for there own agenda and gains?
Yet Not a single outcry from a news outlet or even there journalists on why Syrian Rebels are allowed to use children as a Political Message.

The western mainstream news outlets so far in this conflict have been relying on the Syrian rebels  for news and sources but not once has any news networks like CNN,BBC or the telegraph ever investigated the claims and sources made by the Syrian rebels.

The job of a journalist in journalism is also to investigate stories, sources from ALL SIDES, No Exceptions.


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