Libya on the Line: An interactive timeline

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Libya on the Line: An interactive timeline

To me this is nothing more then what i call Libyan propaganda please go ahead and compare the voices of Saif al-Islam on that link provided by aljazeera.

I am not surprised it was published and posted by no other then aljazeera.

With a little comprising i think we can easily debunk them for example.

Go and listen through
March 1-7: and March 8-14 and you will see why i question them.

Now compare his voice on the aljazeera tapes on which they have released in matter of a month and compare to that radio interview linked in the article  do they sound the same?

Either way aljazeera is a mouthpiece for the Qatari government, by all means RT and the other news outlets are no better but again with the bin laden voice tapes that we have seen on the news and with two different voice actors claiming to bin laden.

Should we really believe these apparent leaked wired tap phone taps?  just like with the bin laden audio tapes, its all about the sources and the uncertainty of them.

Because you in the modern age of voice technology you can easily just find let be a Arabic voice actor and  let him pretend thats bin laden voice.

Thats why i am starting to doubt these supposed Wired tapped phone calls.

The Libyan ICC lawyer claims they found just 12,000 in one month? thats really questionable.
How could they find  12,000 tapes in just over a month, other war crime cases have taken years to finish even finding some wired tapped phone calls.

But the Libyan ICC lawyer claims they found just 12,000 in one month?


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