0:00{Peaceful looking Daraa with heavy security presence in Daraa. Ordinary citizens trying to live out there lives
0:15{Looks like small gathering of Rebels,
0:35{Scouting the security checkpoints.
0:47 Anti-Tank mortars.
1:36 English protest signs yet again, in crystal sharp white paper, sounds like to me that NGOs made it for them.
1:44: Rebels using children as tools.
2:07 looks like it was flimed in a mosque in Daraa
Date:May 4, 2012 and guess whats on the news?

Activists: Syrian troops heavily shell southern city of Daraa killing

Notice on the article how quickly it was changed to Damascus and not Dara?
"In a Daraa mosque, a father stood over his son killed in the shelling, swaddled in a blanket in a hooded sweater, amateur video showed. "I will become a suicide bomber!" the father shouted in grief."
"the recent mass killings made people see rebel fighters more as protectors against Assad's forces.
The regime has forced the rebels into the city. When they commit attacks, or massacres, or arrests, they come in to defend residents," he said"

Really rebel supporter? sadly i dont buy that. Why does it seem the mainstream news outlets always prefer to talk to the shadowy  Rebel supporters? it reminds me on how the mainstream news outlets like CNN,BBC were been one sided at the war in Bosnia.

CNN,BBC always talked over the phone to the supposed eyewitness whoever on the Bosnian Muslim/Croatians and on hearing there reports on how were the civilians.

But never did CNN,BBC or any other western news outlets cared about how were the innocent Serbian civilians doing in    Sarajevo or elsewhere in Bosnia for that matter.

  "At least 52 civilians were killed around the country outside Damascus on Saturday, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based activist group."
Shelling in Syria's Daraa kills 17 overnight; UN cites carnage in Mazraat al-Qubeir

  "Syrian troops heavily shell Daraa, killing 17"
  CP24 Funny how our local news is covering it eh?

And This video i posted cant be just a coincidence, just look at the date, you think the Syrian Army really waited an month to attack on there own position?  and just to attack and kill innocent civilians?

While this video shows that the Rebels were scouting the area to attack it, in strategies scouting has always meant before an attack.

So hearing on the news that there was an Shelling attack was no surprise. But again Assad is no angel but the ones who want to replace him are far much worse then Assad.

They already have started on threatening the Sryian christian community.

While these events are happening in Sryia, meanwhile at the SNC in Turkey they are fighting over to replace a leader.

"SNC spokeswoman Basma Kodmani told Associated Press Television that the front-runner to replace Ghalioun would likely be Abdulbaset Sieda, a member of Syria's minority Kurd community."
 Thats right the leader of the SNC will be a Kurd.  Thats where the connections of Turkey comes to mind. are they trying to remake the ottoman empire?

Please due keep in mind that the Kurdish people are only a minority in Sryia and heres a map to back it up.

So Really? a Kurd will be leading the SNC in Turkey for the Sryian opposition? that doesn't seem quite right  now does  it.


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