Putin no longer backs Syria's Assad: Cameron

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Putin no longer backs Syria's Assad:Cameron

               Out of context Again?  

Putin no longer backs Syria's Assad Cameron 


But Cameron said Putin had shifted his view of the Syrian leader during talks with U.S. President Barack Obama and other world leaders at a Group of 20 summit in Mexico, and that discussions were now focused on a transition.

"What we need next is an agreement on a transitional leadership which can move Syria to a democratic future that protects the rights of all its communities."
As we have witnessed in the case of Hillary Clinton when she had accused Russia of arming Sryia and Assad with attack helicopters, which was clearly taken out of context.
And now are we witnessing another case of a western prime minster where he does the same thing as Hillary Clinton?

David Cameron who backed the Libyan rebels and visited Libya just once in Libya and personally had called the Libyan Rebels the Lions of Libya. And is now supporting the Syrian Rebel whom of them have terrorist connections.

Has proclaimed that Putin Is no longer backing Assad In Sryia, but as always the level of propaganda by Reuters doesn't surprise me.  
After Reuters has published this  policymic proclaimed that. Hillary Clinton was slowly pressuring Russia Into Opposing Assad in Syria.

Lets see on what Putin actually stated at his own press conference 

But Putin said at his own news conference at close of G20 summit: "I feel like I have to repeat our position. We believe that nobody has the right to decide for other nations who should be brought to power, who should be removed from power."

Seems to me that Hillary Clinton,David Cameron, haven't read Putin's memo, a few days ago it was reported that Putin and China were denying on about having any discussions onto opposing Assad.

I am surprised that those pretend yellow journalists haven't asked David Cameron or Obama for that on about the chaotic problems Libya is currently having.
Or the fact that why is Israel suddenly jumping in and supporting the Rebels in Sryia? Israel during the libyan conflict has been pretty much quite.

If the rebels do win somehow in Sryia, it will would create a unstable situation for the neighboring countries near Sryia, but as in Libya's case the mainstream news outlets like Reuters,CNN,BBC would just ignore Sryia and its aftermath problems as they are doing it now in Libya's case.

If Libya was such a success of an operation, you wouldn't be hearing that half of the country is been split into militarist zones.

I am not surprised CNN or FOX News hasn't reported that yet, why that would be bad for there propaganda business. But rather CNN most top story and news of the day is a boy been struck by a spear, and mercilessly he had survived the ordeal.

David Cameron spooked this line after Putin left, i guess Cameron, really couldn't even stay in for Putin's press conference

Before making his opening statement at the media press. Whats happening in Sryia is nothing more then a strategical struggle over its key location due to the fact that Sryia lays in the Mediterranean Sea.


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