Israel accuses Syria of genocide,urges intervention
 Syria conflict like Bosnia in 1990s U.K. minister says
 Source vancouversun

There you have it Israel just like William Hague are urging for intervention, yes you read the lines correctly Israel urges intervention and accuses Syria of genocide.

(In separate comments, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the Syrian government was slaughtering civilians with the support of Israel’s arch-foes Iran and Hezbollah. “The world should understand what kind of environment we live in,” he said in remarks to his cabinet that were later broadcast.)

Is anyone surprised by this? i am currently am not, looks like the foreign policy magazine was right if a intervention does happen, it wont be for the Syrian people but for Israel.

Once again just like CNN has been doing it it looks like that William Hague has now compered Sryia to Bosnia as well and he urges a intervention in Syria.

The same intervention in Syria that Russia,China, Iran have been opposing since the start of the conflict and personally i would agree with the Russians on this.
If we go into Sryia we are going to open a door in the middle east and a door that might will be closed.

A door a full of bad apples.

A foreign policy magazine admitted and as well a CNN article that the real reason for a Sryian intervention wont be about the Sryian people but for Israel and due the fact Sryia is a close ally to Iran.

So in other words these so called Freedom fighters arent fighting for there freedom but they are for Israel interests as noted above.

On twitter i was just blocked by a Free Sryian Army supporter for debating  with a little awhile ago on to why and what does Israel gain in Sryia? he only replied once and then blocked me.

This is not how you debate with people. No matter looks like that the   foreign policy magazine was right when it stated even if there is an intervention it wont be for the interests of the Sryian people but for the Interests of Israel.

 Israel accuses Syria of genocide and they urged intervention on Sryia but when it comes to palestine what about the Israel war crime and genocide on the Palestinian people? thats right they arent actually Palestinians they are just created they are just Arabs.

Like how Newt Gingrich stated right? whatever or not they arabs or not what Israel is doing to the  Palestinians is not only genocide.

Its cleansing just because they live on there lands.
And because of there origins.


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