Saudis will pay salaries of rebel Syria army

Saudis will pay salaries of rebel Syria army 

Source Saudi Arabia plans to fund Syria rebel army 


The Guardian did not specify sources for its report. However, it said, Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., an active supporter of the Syrian opposition, recently endorsed the idea of ensuring pay for armed Syrian opposition, though not necessarily with U.S funds.
"The plan is gaining support as weapons sent recently to rebel forces by Saudi Arabia and Qatar make a difference on battlefields in Syria."
"Saudi officials embraced the pay idea when it suggested by Arab officials in May, sources in three Arab states told the Guardian."


Its official as of this article Syrian Rebels are now not only been supported and slowly becoming a tool of America but it seems apparently that the Syrian Rebels are becoming puppet pawns of two countries that don't even, have a democratic system.
The guardian is admitting that the two undemocratic countries of Qatar,Saudi Arabia would be not only funding the Free Sryian Army, but also would be paying those or anyone planning to defect to the Rebels.
Why does Israel want the Syrian rebels to win in Syria badly,  if Israel doesn't care about the Palestinians, why are they supporting and backing the Syrian Rebels? 

Why does Saudi Arabia support the Syrian Rebels? while themselves don't have a democratic system, so why would Saudi Arabia, Qatar support the Syrian Rebels.

Its mainly due to the fact that its a proxy war against Iran, Russia,China.
CNN and other news networks have reported that Israel and America have lunched a cyber attack on Iran's Nuclear power plant grids. 

While the ongoing conflict raging in Syria.
Turkey tested Syria's Air defense systems on Friday by sending out an F4 at attitude of 200, it seems as they wanted them to shot it the plane prosperously.

Turkey has vowed retaliation but in the modern geopolitics threats of retaliations have been viewed as nothing more then "just talk" 

Saudi Arabia, Qatar also played a major role in the Libyan uprising against gaddafi, as in Syria  gaddafi was accused by western news mainstream news outlets, that gaddafi was massacring peaceful activists in benghazi.

While knowingly just a day before the actual protests started, the original protest was started against Gaddafi by just 200 people Benghazi, however in single day and night they manged to get 500 protesters so fast in a single night and day?

In Libya Gaddafi was accused of hiring mercenaries to the killings and shootings against those peaceful activists who were largely armed with the least NATO military equipment.

There have been videos,pictures coming out of Libya showing the least weapons some unseen weapons from NATO supposedly weapon arm cache carts and other countries like Qatar.

Mainstream News outlets had reported that Central Intelligence Agency officers reportedly have been working from southern Turkey since March to advise Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates which elements of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) they should arm with weaponry that includes rocket-propelled grenades and automatic rifles.

But President Barack Obama has had denied any involvement that America and Obama's administration supplying arms to the rebels who trying oust Al Assad from power.

Given the track record on many times  Obama's administration and NATO had lied to the general public, that they weren't arming the Libyan rebels, nor were they were ever targeting gaddafi but as NATO started its air campaign which largely they targeted innocent civilians and surrounding civilian populated areas.

President Obama's administration can deny all that he wants but the fact is America is arming the apparent bad guys, its true that Assad is neither an angel or a saint due to the fact that Assad father was responsible for the murder of ,1,000 Syrians were involved with an uprising against Hafez al-Assad, and the massacre in the city of Hama.

However it is interesting on what happened after the massacre reported by the US Dept. of State, country's profile.

"After the Hama uprising, the Islamist insurrection was broken, and the Brotherhood has since operated in exile while other factions surrendered or slipped into hiding. Government attitudes in Syria hardened considerably during the uprising, and Assad would rely more on repressive than on political tactics for the remainder of his rule, although an economic liberalization began in the 1990s"
Is this really true? are we along with Saudi Arabia and Qatar are we helping to bring out a radical, hardcore Islamist goverment into power in Syria? by starting another Islamist insurrection?
If that is the case then the banking elites aren't doing this for democracy, freedoms. So why is Sen John McCain urging and jumping into the intervention bandwagon if this would allow just so it would create another Islamist goverment who will be even worse then Assad himself.

At least we can look on the bright sight, Christians,Jews and christian Orthodox in Syria have been living peacefully side by side with Muslims, the population of Christians in Syria is a minority but generally. 
Syria is the only Arab country with a Christian population of 10%  compared to Egypt tiny christian population of 1%  Christians,Jews and christian Orthodox in Syria have been living peacefully side by side with Muslims since the 1920s.

Until now the question now is what will happen to those christian Syrians after the war if the rebels supposedly do win or unless Assad steps down? will they be massacred for not supporting the Syrian free army? punished? the rebels have and had threaten the Christians on Youtube.
The rebels have also denied the reports from christian news sources that they have  been forcing  50,000 christian families out of Homs.

But we cant just believe the words of the rebels since they claim they haven't why not just prove it then by recording a video of themselves and where these 50,000 christian families live and there churches?
Surely if it was so easy for the free Syrian Army to film the aftermath after Assad artillery shelling then maybe they could back up there own claims that they aren't forcing out Christians. 

Its only fair when the rebels are the only ones reporting the unconfirmed reports on which major mainstream news outlets cant even verify due to the restrictions on journalists. 

Even if Syria allowed the restrictions on journalists, the major news outlets journalists would be on the side of the rebels as they were in Libya.

Basically we are helping the Islamists take power again. 


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