NATO,Serbs Clash In Kosovo, 4 injured NATO authorized to use deadly force

 At least three Serbs and one NATO soldier were injured in a gunfight in Northern Kosovo as NATO Kosovo Force attempted to dismantle Serb roadblocks. Reports said soldiers from the NATO-led contingent had fired rubber bullets or live rounds and tear gas after rioters threw stones at a roadblock near the town of Zvecan in a Serb-dominated northern area of Kosovo.

Oliver Ivanovic, the official dealing with Kosovo in Serbia's outgoing government, said three Serbs had been injured.

“One KFOR [Kosovo Force] soldier has been wounded, has been evacuated and he is stable,” said NATO spo
Source RT

Here are some twitter tweets on this. People who are there are watching this happening and tweeting the tweets.

There are facebook Serbians trying to report on what is happening but there accounts are been closed down by facebook

(Facebook accounts of many Serbs shut down while NATO is cracking down on the Serb civilians in #kosovo! @RealAlexJones)

(Why is #Serbia -n newspaper #Pravda shut down today when #NATO is shooting at Serbs in #Kosovo !!!??)
(Gunfire still heard in #Zvecan! Very tense. Reports of #NATO troops ammasing to attack #Mitrovica. #Kosovo #Serbia)

(Reports of #NATO troops kidnapped three Serbian civilians in #Rudare. #Kosovo #Serbia)

Don't expect to hear this on CNN today, seeing how they are very busy doing the war propaganda on Sryia.

Even if you do hear or see it on CNN, CNN will just blame the Serbs as they always do.
From what i have been hearing NATO is authorized to use deadly force agaisnt innocent unarmed Serbs who only they made a roadblock.

The area in which where this is happening is in the north of Kosovo the last area where there are Serbs left.
If NATO forces really do drive out all the Serbs out that are in North of Kosovo you think CNN will even care to notice? hardly not.

Unless a Serb attacks NATO then they will report it, but when NATO is attacking innocent unarmed Serbs civilians, it seems to CNN thats a none news story event for them.

Yet CNN has no problem fingering pointing blaming the massacre in Sryia on Assad without any proof, i am pretty much sadden on what Journalism has became.

There are images on twitter showing how NATO is willing and ready to kill every Serb innocent civilian that a few remain in Kosovo.

I am very sadden and angry by this, and the way journalism has became, its no longer  about journalism its about  propaganda.

Here is the video posted on YouTube, which CNN has refused to show to the public.

In the video an NATO APC vehicle, a solider on top of the unit as fired upon an unarmed old civilian man, as the footage is short, blood can be seen on the footage. 

There has been reports by people who live there that there has been reports of Gun shots everywhere, screaming, helicopters flying overhead.

On Twitter there is some news spreading about a possibility that NATO is planning an attack.

(Dozens of #NATO helicopters in the air of north #Kosovo. Reports of NATO preparing air invasion on #Mitrovica.)

Thats the rumor that has been spreading today on twitter, there are also tweets that serbs who tired on reporting the events onto facebook with there accounts couldn't, because they were been  either block, or deleted.
(Facebook accounts of many Serbs shut down while NATO is cracking down on the Serb civilians in #kosovo)
The timing of the NATO operation agaisnt Serbs in the area of Mitrovica,Kosovo is recently quite questionable, in regrading to the events in Sryia.

CNN has ignored the story out of Kosovo and that to me is not surprising.
If it was that a Serb was doing the shooting at NATO that would have been the story all day long at CNN and other news outlets.

But if its NATO trying to kill innocent unarmed civilians with deadly force that isn't news.


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