John McCain says US should be 'ashamed' of inaction over Syria conflict


Senator John McCain has accused Barack Obama of a "disgraceful" abandonment of Syria's revolutionaries, and called on the US administration to defy Russian objections and arm Bashar al-Assad's opponents.

The Republican former presidential candidate also called for the declaration of safe havens inside Syria, protected by US air power if necessary, after visiting refugee camps at which he said he met women who were raped and soldiers who defected to the opposition.
"The question is how many more have to die at the hands of this bloody dictator before we intervene?" he told the World at One on BBC Radio. "I think you have to arm the opposition. They are desperate for arms."

The call from McCain, who is the highest ranking Republican on the armed services committee, will increase the pressure on Obama, who is facing growing demands for stronger action over Syria following the massacre of more than 100 people in Houla last month, including scores of children and women shot execution-style in the head. The president is also being forced to fend off accusations from Republicans that he is failing to stand up to Russia and China, which have blocked tougher measures against Damascus.

The senator said that the US should not allow Moscow and Beijing to stand in the way and should act unilaterally. "We didn't need a UN resolution in Kosovo and if the United States of America and other countries are willing to turn over the decision making process to the good wishes and motivation of Russia and China then obviously we will do nothing because Russia continues not only to oppose action in the security council but continues to arm Bashar Assad. I'm not ready to base action to help people who are struggling for freedom on whether the Russians will veto any action or not in the security council."

 The senator rejected concerns from some in the US Congress that it would be dangerous to arm the Syrian opposition activists when it is not clear what their loyalties or whether they are linked to Islamic extremists. "I heard that same tune as far as Libya was concerned. I heard the same thing in Bosnia and Kosovo by those who simply have a view that we don't intervene to help people who are struggling for their freedom," he said. "These people are the direct repudiation of al-Qaida. Al-Qaida believes in acts of terror to bring about change. These people believe in peaceful demonstrations to bring about change.

"It's not that difficult to figure out. The question is will we have the intestinal fortitude to act on behalf of these people or sit by and watch."

 There you have it, once again John McCain is urging and over stepping the powers of those of a president and he doesn't believe that the Free Sryian Army and rebels are Islamic extremists? well knowingly they have threaten to kill the Christians.

  I heard the same thing in Bosnia and Kosovo by those who simply have a view that we don't intervene to help people who are struggling for their freedom,
 Really McCain? they are struggling for their freedom? thats why GW Bush endorsed them to? hardly John McCain should glad to know that Kosovo is a cleansed state of all christian Serbs.

Its a pure Albanian state.

Yes i can see what kind of struggling for their freedom like Bosnia was doing,huge unemployment rates, increasing rates of nation spread state crimes, drug trafficking,just like in Kosovo.

A recent Foreign Policy Magazine issue already admitted what the rebels are fighting for isn't about struggling for their freedom, hats pure nonsense.

Its about Israel. Not freedom.

The mainstream news outlets are giving Senator John McCain, more free air time on his last year as a Senator for the armed services committee and those other senators who act above the president.

Is once again urging for an military intervention, while ignoring the terrorist threats in Sryia knowingly that the terrorists like al-Qaida are already in Sryia as reported by the mainstream news outlets a few months ago.

Noticed in the article where it states the following,
 "Syrian opposition activists when it is not clear what their loyalties or whether they are linked to Islamic extremists"

Here's what John McCain.

"I'm always puzzled by statements from our administration and others that they don't want to militarise the conflict. Well Russian arms shipments continue to come in. Iranians are on the ground assisting them. They have tanks and artillery supplied by the Russians and others against people who demonstrate peacefully.
Really John McCain so people who started taking arms and again your Arm the rebels arm weapons including the weapons from the Libyan conflict.

They are only peaceful protesters demonstrating? unfortunately i am not buying that claim, in John McCain mind he doesn't seem to able to tell the difference between a protester and a non protester who is starting to kill people,military personal for whatever the purpose maybe.

Seems to me that that line is almost like self admitting  argument that we are supporting the terrorists groups and terrorist leaders like  Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Back a few months ago on February news outlets like CNN and others have reported that  Ayman al-Zawahiri has stated in video message that he called on Muslims in  Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey to join fight against 'pernicious, cancerous regime'

Turkey now i wonder whats located in Turkey  thats right its the Syrian National Council location, more specifically in Istanbul

But i cant still get rid off that GW Bush endorsement for the Free Sryian Army that was the moment i thought something isn't right about the picture.

It is tragic what is happening in Sryia, but with these questions, and uncertainty its best to avoid the such conflicts. The more we get involved wars the more we will cause more problems then a  solution.

But in John McCain Mind thinking pattern War and Chaos are the only things he seeks in the name of Israel and America's Money Interests.


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