Breaking:GOP opposes Ron Paul delegates in Indiana

Posted by Bruno On Tuesday, February 28, 2012 0 comments


Kokomo — Republican Party organizations across Indiana are filing challenges to keep Ron Paul delegates from taking over the party’s state convention in June.

The Howard County Republican Party is challenging six people who filed to become delegates at the state convention because they have not received a waiver to appear on the May 8 primary ballot.

Need More any proof that Ron Paul is your last Chance against Obama?  GOP in Indiana did this is because they fear that Ron Paul can win the General election that is why.

And it seems two more states yesterday voted for Romney yet again, believing Romney will save the failing  economy? yet Romney voted for the bailouts? and Obamacare? whats wrong with you people! what your voting for is nothing more then  Obama 2.0 and As For Rick Santorum.

The way i see it Santorum has Zero plans on fixing the economy the only thing his focused on is on beating Obama and starting World War Three.

Right now i am crying for America and its stupidity in this election cycle not all people are stupid that who have voted but still i weep, unless the election system is all rigged up.


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