The same person and the American Billionaire who owns a new jersey team i believe and the same person who called for a Global currency is now Threatening a Civil War in Russia if Putin wins. 

Well not Threatening it directly but it sure sounds like as if he wants it.
Moscow, Jan 31 : The stand-off between Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and anti-government protesters may escalate into a civil war, billionaire presidential candidate Mikhail Prokhorov has said.

  The businessman, whose fortune is estimated at USD 18 billion, urged "evolution, not revolution" and promised sweeping political and economic reforms if he wins the vote. 

Many pro-Kremlin pundits have warned the rallies are a preparation for an "Orange revolution" scenario of removing the ruling establishment through street protests.

Makes me wonder how much theses NGO Groups like the IRI are paying these western paid anti Putin protesters.

As if in Europe the elections are any better or freer, Mr Mikhail Prokhorov has no right to say such things coming that from after he called for a Global single Currency.

This is just outrageous, America really wants to Run Russia that bad.

If the Russians hated Putin that much they could have removed in 2008, 2005 so why now? well i think its all timed together.

Personally i believe the NGO groups take years of planning of such anti government protests bribing people into it without realizing they are been tricked.

Here's what  what Mikhail  said in a recent interview.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Did the Kremlin send you into the running, to channel this dissatisfaction?
Prokhorov: I make my own decisions. That's what I'm used to. I was never anybody else's project.

Really? you know thats funny that coming from the same person who called for a Global Single yeah i can see how great the Euro has been holding up for the whole Europe, in other words the Euro is falling and i doubt a second bailout will save the dollar, so why is Prokhorov pushing for a  Global single currency?

It could be because he has an outsider agenda dont forget he has owned an American sports team as a  Billionaire while he lived in America.

I am sure he didn't just hold an American sports team while he was there, interesting how he in that interview claims Russia is not threatened by anyone in the region? has he looked at the military, tactically map lately?

NATO has surrounded Russia from all sides, its only matter of time before NATO could move in by military force if America has an war mongering, War Like president and decides to attack Russia.

Heres from that Interview on what he has stated.

Prokhorov: I want to make it easier to establish new parties. The 7 percent hurdle for parliamentary representation should be lowered to 3 percent. The term of office should be reduced from recently decided-on six years back to four years. In the economy I will break up monopolies, like Gazprom for example. Third, I will give top priority to investments in education, science and culture. They are much more important than high military spending. At the moment no one is threatening our country.

I will further discuss that image later on the month.


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