Libya: Hundreds massacred in KUFRA

Posted by Bruno On Tuesday, February 28, 2012 0 comments

While CNN and Other Corporate Mainstream News Networks pump up Pro War propaganda news stories on about Syria to support there side for a NATO/UN Military intervention the same intervention  style  that was used in Libya.

While  Syria is now the top talk on the news networks Libya is been completely ignored of its new  Violence

 Libya: Hundreds massacred in KUFRA
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Federal News Radio reports that hundreds of black skinned Libyans have been slaughtered in the southern town of Kufra, while NATO Mercenaries continued celebrating the occupation of Libya alongside NATO masters.

This is the second Dark Skinned Libyan Tribe that has face genocide since NATO began its occupation through Mercenary forces, hundreds of defenceless civilians fled the scenes of massacre while Western leaders praised the horror subjected against Libyans.


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