Andersoon Cooper,CNN, Al jazeera, FOX, and other western mainstream news networks are  Misleading Viewers On The Actual Death Toll From Syria as i was looking at for the updates by my surprise a new death toll number report came by the supposed opposition.

7,500 died in Syria according to sources by the opposition, wait 7,500? isn't that the same number that the mainstream news media cooked up for Bosnia? Which was the same number that was needed for a intervention In Bosnia.

It seems History is repeating itself yet again if you dont believe me that the mainstream are falsifying, hyping this supposed number i took a screenshot of it myself and compared it to the Bosnian story. 

What a coincidence the  on the right the current conflict in Syria with the claims that 7500 have been killed as with the reports by the opposition on the left Mladic and the same number that is been used in Syria.

Makes you wonder now, are the western mainstream news networks pumping up and creating false numbers just to get us involved again? because the way i see it the killings is always happening whenever the media wants to report it.

And to this day CNN hasn't reported its own viewers that the Syrian  opposition has got the backing and the support by  al qaeda.   

Even Now the Syrian opposition leader has come and out stated in a following article by the Haaretz Israeli News source the opposition leader stated even with Al Assad gone they will still support Hezbollah.

So it seems to me that CNN and other news networks are playing the Fake Genocide number game.
Pumping it up so NATO could intervene. 


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