Life Before Gaddafi TIMES Propaganda

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As the owner of a hotel in 1960′s Libya, Mohamed Nga lived in the rarefied circles of Tripoli’s cosmopolitan society. His son, photographer Jehad Nga, writes about his father’s life before the Muammar Gaddafi regime. 

  On occasion, in our home in London, he would appear and drift away like a spirit—something we learned to live with. In some ways, I think he was waiting for a glimmer on the horizon, a memory which had fallen deep inside him and hadn’t been seen since the fall of 1969. It’s as if his watch had stopped that September, and like him, had waited for time worth telling to resume.

  I remember hearing stories of life inside the hotel before Gaddafi spearheaded the September revolution of 1969.

This article is nothing more then a times Pro King Idrs Propaganda what i noticed the TIMES article about life before Gaddafi failed to mention in the article.

-Libya in the 1960s Pre Gaddafi had the highest unemployment rate, living conditions for the libyans were unlivable.

-Noticed how in the article the photo gallery it shows the wealthy libyans rich wealthy elitists? workers of Hotel and people working with the us government at the time of the american,Italian occupation of libya.

-King Idrs was a full time Puppet to Britain and america.

From the Photos
-A picnic in Mohamed Nga's American car that he bought at the US Military base in Tripoli
Of course he bought the car at the the US Military base in Tripoli, do you think normal everyday citizens of libya could afford such wealthy life? i guess times magazine fails to mention that.

-ohamed Nga with his car—purchased on a US Military base in Tripoli
Again they mention he bought the car at the US military in Tripoli, where else would he buy the car then?

-The main plaza in central Tripoli built by Italy during their occupation of Libya
Funny they mention that Libya was occupied by Italy.

-And now we have this Richard in the comment claiming he was at the USAF airbase ( Wheelus AFB) outside of Tripoli in 1965 and claims he would love to return to libya been controlled by those rebel terrorists

This Article is the worst attempt at the Propaganda fails to mention of alot things, and the reasoning for the Revolution in the 1960s with the overthrow of the king idrs.

Libyans no longer in the 1960s wanted the puppet Idrs, because of the horrible living conditions which the king Idrs had imposed on the everyday non wealthy citizens.

This article is the shortest i have seen so far and the worst one yet by the times.


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