The  Hypocrisy of the American Backed,Supported Supposed Anti-Putin, Aka Russia Without Putin.

The opposition has accused authorities of using the state's resources or even employing financial incentives to encourage people to show up for the Putin rallies.

Buses were visible on the fringes of the rally that had brought people in from outlying Saint Petersburg regions.
Opposition activists call attention to the fact they do not bus militants to their rallies.

The opposition Novaya Gazeta reported on Friday that factory workers from as far away as Krasnoyarsk would be flown into Moscow to boost numbers.

That accusation coming from a News network that has ties with the American Western backed NGO organizations who want to install an American puppet president like the one in Georgia and  Novaya Gazeta has its own Controversies.

Anything they claim it should be taken like a grain of salt.

  The Opposition claim that they do not bus protestors to their rallies 

I believe that the Russian Ant-Putin Opposition does bus bus in protesters to their rallies and why i say that?  because that's the way it looks like and since the facebook could an Facebook page its pretty much easy to organize a protest rally.

Of course then the protesters would have Ipads or Iphones staying close to the updates on their protest movement and daily schedule updating the protesters.

Makes me wonder how much has Sen John McCain paid these anti-Putin protesters?
 When Sen John McCain made a tweet on his twitter, (Russian Spring is Coming) That was to Obvious to figure out  what comes next.

So now i have a question for the Anti-Putin Opposition (Obviously John McCain backed them) So Russian  Anti-Putin Opposition who do you want to lead Russia After Putin is Gone Then? Sen John McCain Maybe? Ultra nationalists?

Or Do you want Russia to turn into what Serbia, Georgia is like now? and i hear they are doing quite well huh well not quite actually quite horribly.   


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