The nation’s top cops said during a Vancouver news conference the public doesn’t need to fear the bill.
“People need to focus and keep their eye on the ball,” said Warren Lemcke, Vancouver’s deputy chief constable.

“We can’t monitor your emails. We can’t monitor your phone calls. We can’t monitor your surfing unless a judge allows us to do that.”

The president of the Canadian Police Association said cops aren’t interested in monitoring the communication of Canadians who aren’t committing crimes.
“We’re talking about serious criminal offences,” said Tom Stamatakis.

Sounds like to me the  police chiefs and The president of the Canadian Police Association haven't read the C-30 Surveillance bill.

If they did read it they to would be surprised whats inside of it and thus the police chiefs are jumping on to the guns by supporting which then they are now supporting a Canadian Dictator.

I am sure if the police chiefs did read the bill and whats in it they too would be surprised by the content of the online surveillance bill.

Notice the police chief  little dirty lie here?

“Even if the police wanted, in some pervasive way, to monitor phones, ISPs (of the public), we don’t have the capacity. This is legislation that’s designed to give the police the tools to better deal with serious organized crime.”

Hmm really  president of the Canadian Police Association? maybe you could explain to all Canadians about IP address map  where your top Ontario  detective showed news networks a cluster map of IP 8,000 address or so.
Claiming to be all  Child pornographers on there computers.

I guess the police and this Conservative Dictator want to arrest all innocent Canadians with the claim that they all are part of some serious organized crime yeah what Total Nonsense nothing more then an excuse for defending the C-30 act.

I am sure the Police would have defended ACTA,SOPA to. 

My fellow readers everywhere these are the small steps and the birth of a dictatorship government.  


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