I remember when  not just CNN but other Mainstream Major networks inculding the inside edition when journalists would investigate their claims not only there own claims but . Then they would break the news on there respected news networks. Then they would find truths.

But thats not what journalism has became and we get from them is regurgitation of speculation and hearsay.

Like How CNN is always  trusting those youtube videos supposedly are out of Sryia with such horrible video quality with that, you canr really say or trust the sources otherwise if they do lets trust believeing all those FAKE CGI UFO Videos on Youtube while CNN is at it.

Now i am wondering are none in the mainstream interested in investigating the real authors of the Ron Paul Newsletters? not only on Ron Pauls Newsletter but also on there supposed videos from youtube.

Personally i would think 60 Minutes would be far more interested into this story of those supposed newsletters because 60 Minutes still does investigative journalism.


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