This Needs To Spread everywhere  Mitt Romney Threatning Putin?

Mr Romney said that Mr Putin, who is seemingly set for a return to the office of Russian President in 2012, had "returned to some of the more heated rhetoric of the past", adding: "I think he endangers the stability and peacefulness of the globe."

For a Candidate running in a election this not something you want to happen to you in any other way or fashion you can not make threats on other countries Candidates even if they are in office this would only make you look bad and will further hard Americas image in the world.

Vladimir Putin 'a threat to global peace'

If Putins 'a threat to global peace' whats America then? not a threat Ronmey?
Personally Mit Romney is done for you cant make or say stupid thing like these while running for office oh and he also claimed that if Putin wins in the election next year there will be war.

I wonder if that was a threat.

LOL . A threat to "global" peace? I cant remember the last time Putin sent the Russian military to the other side of the planet to establish peace. (wouldnt Romney bomb Iran for peace if elected to?) And China needs to be punished?... um,...why? What gives us the authority to do that?

Putin is Russia's problem. If the people there really want change, they will kick him out (and they're working on it right now).

But then what? an American puppet in Russia? thats typical i dont think the TRUE RUSSIANS WILL STAND UP FOR THAT.

Mitt Romney was calling for a mmediate war with Iran.


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