Once Again Lee Kington is Insulting Ron Paul

This poll is invalid because wherever Paul goes, some of his insane followers tamper with the polls. How is he doing nation wide in the Gallup poll?
There may be some validity to the poll. Iowa tends to contain a large contingent of pacifists who the coward Ron Paul would be attractive to. With that he also has a strong ground force working in Iowa. If they can pass out enough free pot Paul may well win in Iowa. However..

Paul will ultimately be an also ran as the national scenario unfolds. The psychotic freak will be retiring at the end of this election cycle. His bid for the GOP nomination a failure... just as his career in Congress.
Once Again Lee Kington of the Sean Hannity the person that Hannity has Administrating his forum is displaying  his hatred  for no apparent reason Heres More.

Lee Kingston is Insulting by calling Ron Paul a coward, yet this is the same Lee Kingston guy  who is  supporting Newt the draft dodger? doesnt Anyone find that strange? Yet this is the same
 Lee Kignton who donated his own money to the failed Herman Cain team yet while everyone at least those who thought that Herman Cain was nothing more then a pre election gag, joke.

Also how  can someone argue  with this  (we need a bigger military" and pro-life)  on  the same breath?
Seriously "He let babies die while he learned about economics"? in the past i have heard over the most ridiculous Smears And Rants but this one takes the cake.

 In the Image posted Lee Kington Stated the Following
Rather Learn to be a good Muslim or learn Chinese, then commit troops to a conlict or prepare this nation for a war.
He is a Coward, a Wimp, a Liar

Sounds to me Sir Lee Kington hasnt traveled and  why would Ron Paul prepare America for another war? i guess in Lee Kington mind the Iraq war wasnt enough nor the fact that No WMDs were ever not even found people like Lee Kington need a reailty check and a little break from both mainstream news networks.

Is Lee Kington For Real? does he know what his saying in his own posted posts? i guess he doesnt when his ranting with no stated facts or proof to back up his little Smears and Rants.


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