“You can’t make nice with the mullahs. They hate us, they hate everything about America. They hate our lifestyle, they hate our faith. They dislike us to the point that they would use a nuclear device first to wipe Israel off the face of the earth and they consider Israel to be the little Satan, they consider us to be the big Satan.”
First off before Rick Perry is qutie wrong to claim that all iranians are all mullahs it seems to me he doesnt even understand on what group the mullahs are associated with. 

Mullah rather then Mullahs is used to refer to Muslim man educated in Islamic theology and there sacred law.
The title is given to some Islamic clergy is derived from the Arabic word ى mawlā
meaning "vicar", "master" and "guardian". In large parts of the Muslim world, particularly Iran, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Turkey, Central Asia, Somalia and South Asia, it is the name commonly given to local Islamic clerics or mosque leaders.

The title has also been used in some Sefardic Jewish communities to refer to the community's leadership, especially religious leadership.
It is primarily understood in the Muslim world as a term of respect for an educated man
So i guess then Jews also hate America? or its lifestyle, faith? sounds to me Rick Perry is completely lost on education here.

You know this more and more sounding like it's a deja vu all over again on the issue of Iran for that matter its sounding like Iraq 2.0.

Soruces for the above qutote.


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