Psychotic freaks like Paul are a sad reflection of man.

Really Lee Kington sad reflection of man? thats a new one, you know  it's hilarious this the same Lee Kington that donated his money to the Herman Cain campaign then after Cain suspended the campaign.

Lee Ran to Newt Gingrich note in his profile he wrote Newt hired. Obama fired. Paul retired? sounds to me he either is stupid or has a grudge Against Ron Paul  for whatever reason that i do not know.

But for him to think that His Newt Boy will beat Obama? yeah Lee Kington i can see whoose the real Psychotic freak is.

No offence but there are good people in there defending RP

At least makes a great point

Yet people on this board call Ron Paul names on daily basis. Kook, coward, loon, nutjob, the list goes on and on.

But Paul should be better, right? No, people should not have double standards. If you can't live up to the expectations you have of public figures, why should you be so outraged if they happen to make a few off the cuff statements?

Lastly, if you really feel it was a foul on Ron Paul's part, show us how he was wrong.
Yes Lee Kington show us what was that Wrong that Ron Paul stated on the tonight show if you could name any that is.

Michelle Bachmann does hates Muslims just look at there debates for her opinions on the Muslims and Wars in the mideast and personally i think  Michelle Bachmann needs quit the race.


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