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MOSCOW (AP) — The Russian billionaire challenging Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in March's presidential election said Thursday that he will push for a common currency with the European Union and liberalize the nation's political scene if elected.

So The Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, is not an American EU Puppet eh? what you think of this now then eh?

urges joint currency with EU
I dont think the russians would welcome that idea or move its more likey Mikhail Prokhorov money switch came from the Americans.

That echoed the demand of participants in recent protests in Russia spurred by allegations of ballot-stuffing and other violations in the Dec. 4 election. Prokhorov attended the latest rally over the weekend, which drew up to 100,000 people — the biggest protest in Russia's post-Soviet history.

So what?  Russia has population of 200 Million.

Some observers have speculated that Prokhorov may have had the Kremlin's blessing to join the presidential race in order to cater to voters angry at the government while creating a semblance of genuine competition.  
I wonder just who are those observers? western NGO agents?

Prokhorov has admitted that the Kremlin would like to use him, but insists he will play his own game and try to foster positive change. 
So urging a joint currency with EU is a positive change hm i dont know about that i wonder how the greeks are still holding up dont forget aka Mikhail Prokhorov is an owner of the American  basketball team the new jersey nets.

I doubt the Russian people would want with something like That you see My Fellow readers this is what you get when you protest in truth you gain someone alot more worse.

There are certain stances you can take to guarantee you don't get elected ... Prokhorov just took one of those stances.

Sham candidate? Maybe.


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