Who never saw that this wouldn't happen? the picture i have posted because sadly those three highlighted words arent happening, after Egypt it would be so obvious that the Muslim Brotherhood party would be taking over in Libya i would predict if Assad fails the Muslim Brotherhood will take over as well in Syria.

The Islamist group declared the creation of the Justice and Development Party in the absence of laws laying out a formal process for the establishment of political parties.

Now, the Brotherhood is considered the most organized movement in Libya to have nationwide support. Supporters include wealthy businessmen who returned to the country after last year’s civil war ended, opening up civil society groups and charitable funds throughout the war-ravaged country.

Gaair said the group aims to establish a just and developed society based on religious values.

“Our first main goal is to work on security and stability,” he said. “We are still a new founded party, but we will work on the basis of Islamic principles and that doesn’t mean the shallow meaning of religion most people think of like banning women from leaving home. This is not rational.”

Right.. Like the way the women lost there seats?

In the above picture surely its staged by the newly appointed NTC government i bet those women in the picture are the employers of the NTC building which would make it very obvious then, in the photo it reads.

-Freedom Freedom what Freedom? for whom Freedom? the freedom to be again a puppet state? sadly the word freedom doesn't exist in the west its more of a controlled freedom,  Oh yes we have freedom of speech however again its controlled free speech.

Just like in Europe. 


Democracy  in the middle east? very unlikely there was a poll taken by the Qatar news press in which it polled 1000 people and half if not all of those stated in the poll overwhelming with a 37% lead they want a Strongman leading.

Now dont get confused a Strongman is a dictator.

And also how can any nation have free elections if we in the west also have our own voting frauds and voting rigs? and its never the candidate that the people wanted its always the opposite  that happens.

An elitist wins in our elections that usual will usual always screw our countries apart.

-Justice? Justice for whom may i ask? not only rebels are  torturing its own African citizens the Tawerghian  and not only that but they are also still  keeping two journalists captured for no reason at all yeah some justice!

I am not surprised that CNN has ignored Libya and its current crisis and you want to know why? they wanted to make it feel good for Obama and Sen John McCain.


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