U.S. against elections in Kosovo, ambassador says

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She added that local election in the north would bring representatives who would have no authority according to Kosovo laws.
Warlick stressed that this was an issue that “should be addressed”.

“When Serbia carried out the voting in Kosovo in 2008, a special UN secretary general’s envoy stated that the elections and their result, just like the formed Serbian municipal institutions, had no legitimacy. Therefore, this is the issue we should address,” she told daily Večernje novosti.

The ambassador says that the issue of Kosovo’s status was “finished” as far as the U.S. was concerned.

America and its ambassador has shown its true and real Double Standards when it comes to Democracy.

Its  Democracy for anyone that America chooses with its key Regional strategic interests, Serbs in North of Kosovo may not apply nor the  Palestinian people.

And why America isn't letting the serbs have Democracy  in the Northern Region of Kosovo? its because America wants to destroy the last few remaining Christians in  Kosovo.

That is why  they wont let them have Democracy and the American government would like  us to believe that they are Christian-catholic how can they claim that if they arent helping there follow believers of the same religion??

In  Kosovo Albanians through immigration have immigrated in  Kosovo ever since the Albanian and German rule since then the  Albanians have threaten the Serbian citizens with take over there are news articles from the 1960s on it.

Since 2000 the Albanians have destroyed  thousands of Christian churches burnt them to the ground, jumped on them like wild uncontrollable Animals.

While the UN or NATO soldiers stand by and fled instead of defending the Churches.
In result this is the new take over of  Kosovo by the Illegal immigrants from Albania.

I urge everyone to take a look at the readings done by Richard Jansen Albanians and Serbs in KosovoAn Abbreviated History
An Opening for the The Islamic Jihad  in Europe.

It should be an eye opener for everyone and you can believe it? the only Republican during the Yugoslavian wars who was against going to war and support our enemies that we are supposed to be fighting them in the middle east was no other then Ron Paul.

Imagine that, he was the only the Republican against it and he was right, in 2008 and two years ago Albanian terrorist was arrested in NY and elsewhere for going oversea in the middle east fighting for the terrorists.   

The real reason America has created Camp Bondsteel was not to protect the province but rather to protect the key oil pipelines going through Kosovo and of course  Kosovo has the most richest Coal that is why America is there in the first place.

Its all about oil & resources, silent occupation.   


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