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A state TV anchor said Al-Jazeera, the Arabic-language news network, "depended on armed individuals, the terrorists as correspondents."
 CNN response

"We stand firmly behind our excellent reporting on Syria," he said. "It is a pity that its citizens did not get to see this important documentary without these ridiculous interventions."

Really CNN is that your defense?  Maybe CNN could explain to its viewers how they entered Sryia illegal? even though Since CNN works closely with the military and the pentagon i doubt they that will ever tell us any truths. 
CNN in Damage Control? or Self Denial? i would say CNN is in Both, also look at the picture the guys bandage looks like doesn't have blood nor any bleeding or dust on his shirt.

And just goes to show CNN is indeed in a Damage Control mode because how can you just respond with "ridiculous" allegations? that would just prove even further that CNN is in bed with the rebels or terrorists.

CNN has no problem in creating news for there TV Own ratings not just for the ratings but to start the wars they need for the CFR little grand chess game.

During the Bosnian war CNN was one sided with the Bosnian Muslim and Croatians who were on the same side with the Bosnian Muslims NOT ONCE during the war have they talked with the Serb Bosnian! why not? Oh of course they were the Immortal Enemies of America and NATO.

CNN Christiane amanpour was with the Bosnian Muslims while the Serbian Civilians were been attacked and targeted by the Muslims, she was right there with them, but you think she will ever admit it? heck no.


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