Here are the recent reports
From the recent reports police are arresting Voters for no good reason at all, Cameras were banned to film the voting and more.

From the Ron Paul Camp

Here's what went down

We had about 300+ Paul supporters at the caucus, but we didn't have a majority. Our camp made a deal with the Romney camp to shut out Santorum and we'd still get our chair and Romeny would get delegates and secretary.

There was a ban on cameras. The temporary chair said before we proceeded the guy recording needed to stop bc it was against the rules. The guy yelled it was for transparency and the chair directed police to remove him which the crowd bood and catcalled. It was Romney and Paul supporters, and possibly some Santorum people that were all upset about this. The boos drowned out the chair to the point he couldn't even hear himself and the police withdrew and called in backup. 9 cops showed up one with a motorcycle helmet on. The guy by then had taken the camera off the tripod and we proceeded with the pledge and invocation. Then the temp chair appointed a parliamentarian which is something the elected chair is supposed to do. All points of order were ignored. He then appointed the credentials and rules committee. All poitns of order ignored. He then opened the floor to nominations for the chair which the entire audience was chanting "brent stafford" who was our guy. The temp chair ignored him and instead called one of his buddies on the committee and said he won by voice vote. Points of order and division were ignored.

At that point the "elected" chair was getting booed and people were chanting and screaming. He adjourned the meeting and said the police will arrest everyone for trespassing.

The Paul, Romney, and Santorum floor leaders told everyone to stay. We eventaully all went outside to figure out what we were going to do. When we got out there, there was state, local city, county cops and a police helicopter circling overhead. Brent Stafford stood on a chair and told everyone what we needed to do but we needed to do it quick before the SWAT team gets called. 2 minutes later he was arrested and is currently being held. Still trying to figure out what his bail was.

We all went to a park down the street. Romney, Paul, and Santorum people.

If anyone wants to call the St. peters police and demand they release Brent please do. 636-278-2222

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Ron Paul ignored
Obviously, a large number of people are of the mind that they're sufficiently okay with any of the candidates, as long as that candidate isn't Paul.
 Largest MO Caucus Adjourns WITHOUT Conducting Business – No Delegates Selected

Never underestimate the ability of Republicans to let loose with both barrels directly into their own foot!

Missouri’s February primary, won by Rick Santorum, was a non-binding beauty contest. Delegates are to be awarded this year through the caucus process, and the St Charles County Caucus was to be held today, March 17.

The Caucus meeting was NEVER brought to order.

Standing rules established by the Central Committee included the prohibition of cameras, video or sound recording. This did not sit well with the caucus goers.

One particular individual protested the demand to put away his camera. Central Committee Chairman, Eugene Dokes refused to gavel the meeting to order until the camera was put away.

Caucusgoers sided, quite vocally, with the cameraman! And at that moment Stokes lost control of the caucus! Rather than address the question, perhaps calling the meeting to order and entertaining a motion and a vote on the subject, Dokes dug in his heels. Police were called. Threats of eviction and arrest were made. The caucusgoers became further disaffected, beligerant and resentful.

The venue was booked only till 1:00PM and at 11:30 the meeting still hadn’t been gaveled to order. After amassing what appeared to be nearly the entire St Charles County police department on site, including a circling helicopter, Dokes singlehandedly appointed a chairman of the caucus and other officers – without a vote. This again raised objection from the floor.

After handing the gavel to now appointed Caucus Chair Matt Ehlen, Mr Ehlen called for a motion to adjourn. This was seconded by one of Dokes’ appointees, and the caucus was adjourned over the loud objection of the floor.

No business was conducted. No delegates were selected. Attendees were threatened with arrest for trespassing if they did not immediately vacate the premises. The entire affair was a comedy of mismanagement.

Whatever the results of the Missouri caucuses statewide are, they will have been tainted and skewed by the lack of representation from the largest contingent of Republicans in the state.

If establishment Republicans wonder why the support from the grassroots is waning, the blatent disregard for those who vote them into office and to whom they should be answerable, as exhibited in this circus of a “caucus”, should be ample answer for them!


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Santorum people made up fake rules, handed then out, and claim they must be followed and will not accept votes to amend.

 Well it recently sounds like there is a Chaos  in the American elections too isn't there? and arresting an outstanding citizen just because he was following and voting for Ron Paul? 

And There was the Western Mainstream media blaming Putin for voter Fraud,Vote Rigging in Russia i wonder you think the Mainstream Media news outlets will report any of this i highly doubt that they will unless the voting is in Russia they sure will.

Banning cameras to film in case of vote rig? that is strange for sure i guess the GOP establishment are doing everything to prevent Ron Paul from winning in which they already have done that in several states.


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