This article is from demandprogress and so far the Cooperate Lobbying Mainstream news networks  have been silent on the whole topic of this new bill by the McCrazy, John McCain, only a few  outlets have reported on it without further delay here is the source.

McCain cybersecurity bill

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There's a power struggle brewing over cybersecurity, with two Senate factions butting heads.  One group is backing a bill that is - surprisingly - not horrendous in its privacy implications.  (You can take partial credit for this, as that bill was written with every desire to avoid awakening the powerful coalition that killed SOPA a few weeks ago.)

But McCain's side wants to enable the military to snoop on civilian Internet users: 

As Reuters notes,  the "types of information that could be shared are broad, and the data would go to 'cybersecurity centers' that specifically include the National Security Agency's Threat Operations Center and the U.S. Cyber Command Joint Operations Center."
We have a key opportunity to help steer this debate away from McCain's inanity and towards a more reasonable alternative.

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 Basically John McCain Cyber  bill would allow the military rather then the Police departments,FBI to Snoop on Your emails, Web Traffic and who knows maybe even a lot more harm then good.

I am not surprised to see come from Sen John McCain after all he has been proven to be a War Hawkish Republican a true War Mongering Elite.

And Crazy on the  foreign policy side he has been going to Libya siding with the rebels doing a little photo OP Pose with them, and then he went into Syria before things got heated.

Sided with the Syrian opposition, without realizing that  (if he knows) the Syrian opposition has been backed by terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda,Hezbollah.

Even the  the Syrian opposition leader has stated in a interview even with the fall of Assad the ties with Hezbollah would be the same, ironic isn't it?

A few days ago Sen John McCain called for the US Air strikes on Assad Ground Forces basically starting a new Regime Change or more simply put as Libya 2.0


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