In the city of his birth, about 3000 Russian opposition supporters have protested against president-elect Vladimir Putin.
Marching under the slogan 'Third term - in jail,' the protesters chanted 'Putin is a thief' and 'Putin in the dock', as they made their way through the city where he was born.
Police put the number of protesters at 800.

I have never seen such bunch of losers and cry babies in all of my life time, third term in jail? chanted the protesters? why dont these protesters Protest Sen John McCain? or Obama? NATO?

Wait i guess they cant because they are paying them through USAAID i guess since now they have the money they dont have anything else to do other then do what they are been told to do, Protest Putin.

And notice the number game again with the protest rally? i am not surprised the mainstream news media outlets  wont give us the accurate number of the protesters

'Putin is a thief'

I pretty much laugh at that statement, if these protesters think Putin is a thief, what makes them think Obama, Hillary,Romney,and the rest of the elite presidents that ran America arent thief's either?  

From the picture it looks like half of the people are totally out of themselves as in they look like they are in trance.

And would you look at that? the protest sign and the picture of Putin in clear white paper  look almost brand new! Made just for them.

Now compare that protest sign to the OWS protest signs and you tell me the differences.
The OWS 

The Russian Protest Signs.
Just like in the case of the Libyan protests the signs are once in clear sharp clear English.
Makes you wonder who makes the signs for them?
That Putin 2050 looks very Photoshop Image, and printed out and handed to the protesters.

Notice the Goodbye Putin Protest Sign beyond the out of trance protesters?  do you really think the protesters made it so prefect in crystal clear look and feel?

Sadly i doubt it, and why did they made in English? let me guess was it so they can capture it on the news? i believe that was the main reason, because the last time i heard, the Russian people dont like English nor Americans.

Do they know English? sure there college kids, university kids do know English, but however i doubt they made those protest signs.

The color of the paper almost looks like its imported and ready for use from the most of the pictures i have seen.

It seems that this anti Putin rally was ready to go ready when Sen John McCain tweeted his tweet on twitter.

“Dear Vlad (Vladimir Putin), The ArabSpring is coming to a neighborhood near you,” McCain
From my opinion i believe that was a command and order, its no wonder why Sen John McCain has at least a million of followers.

Elsewhere in every parts of other states Sen John McCain is a known War Monger and, Nutcase, and someone who hates Liberty and freedom.

I feel sad and sorry for his followers that follow him, now heres another OWS image and try to compare the protest signs to the Russian ones.

Are they the same paper cardboard materials? the differences between the protest signs is this.
The OWS protest signs a lot of them that i have seen on the news, they look very basic and homemade, of course the bigger ones were made at the OWS sites during the time when the protests were getting underway.

But the other signs were already created by different groups on the OWS protests, because the OWS had no opposition leaders or leader.

On the Russian Protest signs they look very NGO made, ready to go protest signs, i personally believe the protesters were probably given and promised of something in return for them to protest against Putin.  

Because remember no one in today's world is going to protest against someone or something unless you give them in return, let be money or whatever the thing maybe.

In the case of the OWS protests i do remember CNN or some other news outlet commenting where one of the reporters said one of the protesters and the group demanded FREE FOOD or Pizzas and Free clothing for the winter.

But sadly no one is giving away free food anymore, the praise we gave you for free, is just a myth.  
I have followed the Russian politics since 07,08 long before Putin and let me tell you, the opposition are no better then Putin, well unless you want the Pro Western [ Boris Yeltsin] Liberals to Rule Russia.

The pretty much same Western Liberals that are ruling Serbia now, and i can see how wonderful they have been for Serbia, Serbia now has the worst Economy not seen since Yugoslavia.

Russia is been surrounded by NATO as it was surrounded by the Third Reich NAZIS are we witnessing history been repeated again?


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